PHP / MySQL Training Course in Meerut

PHP is the recursive acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor, used for developing dynamic web applications. PHP is open-source server-side scripting language. PHP is faster to code and faster to execute web technology. PHP can be used for rapid application development. Since PHP is coded in 'C', it provides full-fledged Application Programming Interface. PHP has wide range of functions to use, making it most popular among the developers. PHP is object-oriented. PHP reduces time in developing large websites and is a platform independent technology.

PHP possess flexibility for database connection and customization. PHP supports a number of databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase, SQLite, etc. PHP is used in creating popular web applications like captcha, pdf, mailing lists, image processor, photo gallery, graphs, plugins, gui, facebook apps, flash, content management systems, etc. PHP is easy to use and has greater support and documentation.

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PHP / MySQL Course Syllabus

Introduction to PHP
Introduction to WAMP
WAMP Installation

Core PHP
    PHP Syntax
    Data Types
    Control Structures
    PHP Forms

Advanced PHP
    PHP include and require Statements
    PHP Form Handling
    Time and Date Functions
    Password Hashing
    Reular Expressions
    Error Handling
      · File System Security
      · Database Security
          SQL Injection
      · Email Security
          Email Injection

Object Oriented Programming in PHP

PHP Applications
    PDF Creation


    Introduction to Database
    Introduction to MySQL
    Databse creation
    MySQL statements
    MySQL clauses
    MySQL functions
    MySQL Subqueries
    Runtime Configuration

    Database connection
    Data insertion
    Data Retrieval
    Data Display

Javascript Form Validation

PHP / MySQL Training Duration
Weekdays Mon-Fri 1.5 hrs/day 1 month
Weekends Sat-Sun 3 hrs/day 1 month

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