Responsive Web Designing Training Course

Responsive Web Design is an approach of concocting websites for different devices and optimizing the user experience. It is a technique to make website flexible and adjusting on every device and every screen resolution.

Responsive Web Design is the creation of fluid layout based websites that adapts to the viewing environment.

Popular terms in Responsive Web Designing include:
    · Fluid
    · Media Queries
    · Viewport
    · Grid
    · Embedding
    · Mobile-first
    · Flexibility.

Responsive Web Designing Course Syllabus

Introduction to Responsive Design
Coding HTML5 and CSS3 modules
Managing website content
Fluid Grids in HTML5
Responsive images
Responsive videos
Responsive Audio
Header layout
Responsive menu
Responsive forms
Mobile-first strategy
All display designing
Details / Summary
Responsive website typography
Media Queries
Creating a responsive home page
Creating a responsive portfolio page
Creating a responsive Website
Minimizing HTTP Requests

CSS - 3
    Introduction to CSS
        · CSS Overview
    Creating stylesheet
    Type of stylesheet
        · Linking stylesheet to HTML Document
    CSS Sector
        · Class
        · Id
    Font Property
    Background Images Manipulation
    Color Manipulation
    Background Settings
    Mouse Hover
    Use rgb() or rgba()
    Box Saddow
    Text Saddow
    Overflow - hidden/ scroll
    Postion - relative / absolute
    Postion - Fixed / Sticky
    Clear - both
    Column-Fill / Gap
    Column-rule(border) / Gap
    Display: None / inline / block / Flex
    Resize and Indent
    Designing Data Tables
    Rounded Corner Making
    Tables Creation
    Styling Links
    Styling Lists
    Logical Layout
    Page Definition

Responsive Web Designing Training Duration
Weekdays Mon-Fri 1.5 hrs/day 1 month
Weekends Sat-Sun 3 hrs/day 1 month

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